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“Found these scrolls, have you? And brought your boots? There will be cold, I hope you mind it not. We must begin early. Earlier than time. We must begin in another world that lived on this one like a brittle crown, and it was ruled by…ah, what was his name. I forget. I forget so easily now. But he has another name that cannot be forgot, because it is the root of this world, and this time. Pay no mind the chill on the window as I speak it. Iceheart. Iceheart.” 

The Thawing Kingdom is on itch.io!

Due to popular demand, and after a very succesful kickstarter campaign, it is now also possible to buy the digital version here!

The Thawing Kingdom is a moody fantasy zine compatible with any and all rpg systems. It details the setting of a kingdom returning to life, after five-hundred years of being frozen by a dark spell. Inspirations from works like the Souls series and The Last Unicorn have been poured into this little pot to boil, to keep you warm in the waterlogged marshy wilderness of the Thawing Kingdom.

If you pay a little extra, you'll also gain access to the Swansong, a Thawing Kingdom bosscrawl sheet that you can use to structure an adventure in the Kingdom, delve into the heart of the primeval Ice, and live the true giant-slaying Dark Souls experience.

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Buy Now6.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this zine you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 6.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

Thawing Kingdom Pages PDF.pdf 41 MB
ThawK Spreads.pdf 40 MB
ThawK Bosscrawl.pdf 8 MB
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Community Copies

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Community Copies

For those who are not at leisure to spend (much) money on tabletop games and zines, a few community copies of the Thawing Kingdom are available for free. These can be redeemed on an honour basis: if you don't need them, it'd be appreciated if you pay instead, to leave community copies for those who do.

Additional community copies will become availabe as sales progress.


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I'd forgotten you had this Kickstarted on a zinequest, but looking over old bookmarks (Bottomless Sarcophagus is tucked away with the best I've found) remembered The Thawing Kingdom was ~somewhere~. Glad to have found it for (possible semi-disassembly and) incorporation into my upcoming campaign world! I know you closed your blog, very nicely, but hope you'll do more projects soon, since selfishly I miss the wealth of stealable ideas! 


Don't you worry! There's more stuff coming...